Vintage Ornaments of Christmas Past

Decorating with Vintage Ornaments

My favorite ornament as a child is the pictured Raggedy Ann Doll. It is hard to believe that ornaments of my childhood are now considered vintage.  Really… surely it can’t be? Not only do reindeer fly this time of year, but time, as well.

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I love to decorate and add to the cherished memories.  I recently asked my mom if I could have some of the old vintage ornaments that I remembered hanging on the tree every year.

I had so much fun  digging through the boxes of ornaments.  I am not sure that my daddy enjoyed dragging down the boxes for me, but he went along without to much complaint.

To my delight, she had keep Raggedy Ann.  There in the box of ornaments and a little rough from wear, I pulled her out to bring home.  Her hair is coming unglued and the clothing is starting to turn, but she was still beautiful Raggedy to me.  This girl loves vintage. I really don’t know why Raggedy Ann is such a special keepsake ornament to me?  I only vaguely remember that my brother and I each picked a ornament to purchase.  She was hung on the tree each year after that.

Mr and Mrs Claus X Stitch.jpg

Even as a child, I had a love of creating. Mr. and Mrs. Clause are some of the very first cross stitch pieces that I worked on.


Peeling and crackling painted ornaments to the plastic deer with missing paint.  It is all special to me and the memories as a child.  The Rudolph book is one of my son’s first Christmas books, so I added it, as well.

window table shadow box.jpg

I brought home the ornaments and placed them in my shadow box window table for all to enjoy this Christmas season of vintage ornaments from Christmas past. I smile every time I walk past my table this season.

Christmas brings out the kid in all of us, don’t you think?  Memories from Christmas while growing up.  A favorite toy we received. Our favorite childhood ornaments  that went on the tree every year.  Smells of candy and cookies baking.  Families gathering together.  The feeling of anticipation as we anxiously awaited the arrival of Santa.

stay charmed


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